The right name can be an important advantage, while the wrong name can do real harm. The right logo can also be a huge advantage.

Ideally, it should be legible, interesting, compact, appropriate and occasionally surprising. Some may be multi-colored, but practical use requires them to be reproducible in one color and in small sizes. Simplicity is vital and helps to establish impact at first glance, while some complexity often invites repeated viewing. A design that has these qualities in balance stimulates recognition and becomes an enduring and memorable identifier.

As an organization evolves, revision of its name, graphic identity or both may be needed to reflect changes in its size, structure, goals and operations. Such a critical challenge requires study. An evaluation of current communications can help reveal how to build on the equity of what is familiar and known as well as to express what is new and unknown.

We may be involved before or after an organization is named. If a given name needs clarification, we design the logo and write the tagline to fill that gap. However, for a startup, we prefer to help develop the name from the outset. A weak name may benefit from a modifying phrase or tagline that complements the name, and briefly states what it’s about.