Books may be considered the ultimate document because, unlike ephemera, they are often intended to endure. So, to ensure a book’s longevity, the content should be of meaningful value, memorably presented and archival in fabrication.

We design book covers and jackets to counter the old adage that you can’t tell a book by its cover. Our covers aspire to express an aspect of a publication that offers a taste of what the reader will discover.

We regard books as interactive. But, we do not think readers are very predictable. It is not enough to make content available only in the normally organized front-to-back sequence. Some readers will start at the beginning and continue in a linear fashion. Other readers will refer to the contents or the index and turn to a specific page, while some will flip quickly from back to front and focus primarily on the right-hand pages in reverse order. Our book and magazine designs are responsive to the idea that readers’ behavior cannot be controlled, but should be considered and respected.