Today's world compels businesses and other institutions to increasingly utilize film, video and new media. As makers of such communications, we are skilled in the selection, sequence, and movement of images that enlighten, educate or persuade.

We have made animated films as well as produced and directed documentary-style fundraising films for such clients as the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation (“Connecticut Preservation”), The Episcopal Diocese of New York (“Venture in Mission”) and Yale University (“Why Yale Needs All That Money” and “How to Ask”).

Our experience in film and graphic design combines to inform our work in new media. We have advised several internet-based clients and have also developed websites.

Selected films are at the Yale film archive.

Films shown at:

The West German Festival of the Short Film
Oberhausen, Germany
The International Festival of Animated Films
Mamaia, Romania
The Flaherty Seminar
New York